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Samtec Direct Connect to the Silicon Package
Danny Boesing, Product Marketing Director, Samtec, Inc.
Samtec’s Si-FlyTM is a low-profile, high-density cable system that uses Direct ConnectTM technology to elude the BGA and route signals directly from the silicon package through a long-reach twinax cable. This long-reach cable system enables speeds of 25.6TB/s aggregate (56Gb/s per PAM4 channel), with a path to 51.2TB/s (112Gb/s per PAM4 channel), and provides five times the reach of traditional PCB topologies. Si-Fly is one of the Samtec product technologies that enables a path toward 224Gb/s PAM4 signaling.
» Figure 1: Samtec’s Si-Fly 112Gb/s PAM4, low-profile, high-density cable system.

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