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must be turned upside-down, often fix the part on a machined surface to ensure utmost precision. High-quality production equipment also tends to employ several quality control mechanisms at various points throughout the production process to ensure optimum quality by identifying and automatically ejecting parts that do not meet the production standards required.
» Optimized for the production of high-precision parts, the Mikron Multistar CX-24 incorporates several quality-assurance controls. When manufacturing crimped sockets, for instance, it measures the contact force on 100% of produced parts to ensure that they meet production requirements.
Another characteristic of high-precision component production equipment is the equal distribution of clamping forces, which prevents workpieces from becoming deformed. The traditional benchmark for high-precision table positioning accuracy is ±2.5 microns.
Equipment suppliers with many years’ experience developing component manufacturing equipment have developed new machine tools to surmount these challenges. Mikron, for example, has developed several new cutting tools with specialized cutting geometries and variable spiral pitches, including the new Mikron 24CONTACTS. These specialized tools, combined with a wealth of specific knowledge about cutting parameters, enables the high-volume machining of even lead-free alloys with short chips and suitable surfaces.
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