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» Mikron’s Multistar CX-24 transfer machine supports the simultaneous production of connector pins and sockets (male/female connectors), which significantly reduces changeover times. Only transfer machines with a sufficient number of stations (>20) and simultaneous top and bottom machining can produce pins and sockets simultaneously.
High-Volume Production
High-volume production is another key characteristic of production equipment used to produce high-precision, high- reliability, and high-performance connector components. Production equipment with high output rates can reduce the cost per part by up to 45%. Here, we compare a traditional machine tool versus a transfer machine for the production of a connector:
» The Mikron Multistar CX-24 transfer machine can replace an entire connector component workshop thanks to its 24 stations and up to 44 tools, several of which are capable of simultaneous action. This machine is capable of drilling, reaming, tapping, turning, knurling, crimping, and quality assurance, and it produces parts at a world-record rate starting from wire or bar.

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