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» The bushing guide system pictured here (top) is designed for turning extra-long pins used in medical and aerospace applications (bottom) and is a standard feature of Mikron’s Multistar CX-24 transfer machines, which can produce extra-long and -thin parts down to 0.020” in diameter and 1.40” in length at a rate of 2.4 seconds per part or 25 parts per minute.
At least one highly versatile transfer machine on the market also enables the simultaneous production of both pins and sockets on the same machine. This dual-action capability further simplifies component production logistics and reduces the changeover time required for multiple-piece production. Instead of producing pins for one week at 110 pieces per minute, doing a change-over on the machine, and then producing sockets at a rate of 110 pieces per minute for another week, users can simultaneously produce 55 pins and 55 sockets per minute for two weeks. This approach offers two primary advantages:
1.Not having to stock the pins from the first week while the sockets are being produced. Instead, users can supply them together as they are produced. This requires less warehouse space and enables fast, just-in-time delivery.
2.Eliminating the changeover step saves time and money and increases the number of production hours per year, which lowers the hourly cost of the machine and further reduces component costs.

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