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However, transfer machines don’t always offer all of the functionality and versatility that demanding medical, aerospace, and e-mobility markets require. To ensure the production of high-precision, high-reliability, and high- performance connector components, look for versatile, high-volume production equipment proven to deliver tight tolerances and process RoHS and REACH-compliant alloys.
Production equipment designed for versatility can deliver complete multiple machining capabilities within a single machine, making this option more cost-effective than competing solutions. Versatile production machinery can perform the maximum possible number of operations without the need for additional machines that would compromise the logistics and leanness of production. For example, one versatile chip removal machine could accomplish turning, three-, four-, and five-axis milling, reaming, knurling, grinding, deburring, rolling, polishing, marking (e.g., brand name or logo), crimping and pull-force control, the simultaneous production of different pieces (e.g., both pin and sockets), bending, assembly (e.g., of screws in the connector), washing, and, in some cases, even more.
» The Mikron Multistar CX-24CONTACTS is the only transfer machine that allows parts to be turned over and clamped on different sections or sides.
Highly versatile connector component manufacturing equipment can reposition parts during the production process, accurately handle very long and thin component parts, and simultaneously produce multiple components. For example, after fixing a square section blank in the collet and completing turning operations, the most versatile production equipment can then turn the part over and fix it in an alternative collet with a round section blank to machine the other side of the part. This repositioning is necessary to complete the part, as during the first phase, a good area of the part is hidden by the clamping system. The result is reduced production time, increased quality, streamlined logistics, and lower costs.

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