Page 57 - 2020 Interconnect Innovations eBook
P. 57

» Versatile production equipment like Mikron’s Multistar CX-24 machine can quickly and easily turn a part over and fix it in an alternative collet, in a different section shape, allowing for complete part machining and eliminating the need for additional machinery. This reduces the total amount of time, space, equipment, and labor required to complete production.
In addition, the turning of very long and thin pieces — a capability often needed for medical and military applications — is often only possible on sliding-head lathes or standard lathes equipped with a steady rest. However, the more versatile transfer machines on the market can also offer this capability thanks to innovations including advanced bushing guide systems that hold the part near the cutting tool during the turning operations, assuring high precision, no vibrations, and perfect surface finish.
» On the left, a lathe with a steady rest (also called a lunette). A sliding-head lathe (right) is used in traditional machine tooling for the production of long parts.

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