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The Era of Smart Connectivity is Almost Here. Are You Ready?
Zachary Fisher, Eastern Industrial Regional Sales Manager, PEI-Genesis
Over the past many years, innovation has been increasing at a rapid pace, bringing us into a world where 5G, the IoT, AI, and other advanced technologies will soon be the global norm. All of these innovations combined create a unique technological ecosystem that is changing the way key market sectors operate in the global economy. The data center, industrial manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation industries are just a few examples of key sectors that will undergo drastic changes in the near future, as societies around the globe scale their technology to meet the demands of the future.
Data Centers
It is estimated that there are currently about 26 billion connected devices around the globe, with most experts predicting this number to swell to over 75 billion by 2025. Current 4G networks simply cannot handle this increase in bandwidth. In fact, it is already evident in many areas of the world that 4G is not adequately meeting customer demands as smartphone penetration, HD-quality media, and an increased number of streaming services are generating vast upticks in traffic. That’s where smart connectivity, such as 5G, will step in, bringing increased speeds up to 100 times faster than 4G along with increased bandwidth, reliability, responsiveness, and cloud compatibility.
One interesting way in which 5G and the IoT will revolutionize how we use data and devices is that most processing will shift to the cloud where instantaneous, low-latency data transfer can occur. This shift will also eliminate many of the internal storage limitations users face with portable and wearable devices. Having centralized data in the cloud will revolutionize how we live, work, and play because we’ll be fully connected anywhere, all the time. The dynamic AI being used on these networks also enables optimal performance regardless of the device or user and allows new services and upgrades to be rolled out with ease.

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