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» TE Connectivity’s high-speed MULTIGIG backplane connectors can support transfer speeds up to 56Gb/s and offer the flexibility and performance needed for a range of datacom applications including servers, switches, and routers.
Smart connectivity innovations in healthcare are poised to change the landscape of the industry through 5G and the widespread use of various sensors. Preventative care will be more effective and resources will be used more efficiently, resulting in more affordable costs for those services. We are stepping into a future where both diagnoses and even surgeries can be done remotely using a collection of 5G, IoT, and robotic technologies. This will be a game changer in the industry, as it will effectively eliminate the geographic limitations that currently restrict many people’s access to quality healthcare.
As 5G becomes the norm, bandwidth availability will skyrocket, which will substantially increase the number of possible connections to a network and provide critical support for the expanding consumer and medical wearables market. These wearable devices are laden with sensors and can be used to monitor numerous biometric parameters, analyze a patient’s health status, and even provide personalized, real-time health recommendations using advanced AI. Medically trained AI also has the potential to forecast future health issues based on user data and could help patients and doctors effectively get ahead of ailments not yet recognized by either. In addition, when healthcare providers are more consistently and accurately informed, they will be better able to optimize their resources and ensure that their facilities are always stocked with enough of the needed tools, medicine, and equipment needed. Further, high-speed 5G networks coupled with IoT innovations will allow doctors from around the world to provide full remote patient examinations — and, sometime later, even robotic surgeries — both from and in isolated locations.

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