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5. Potential Simplification of Design, Purchasing, and Installation Processes
Machines are made from hundreds to thousands of components sourced from many suppliers, each with their own specifications, considerations, and lead times. As such, designing, building, and installing machines is a monumental task that requires a lot of people ranging from engineering to supply chain professionals. But using Single-Pair Ethernet can simplify networking in all stages of the build.
During the design process, SPE means not having to source compatible devices to ensure interoperability or additional devices to convert data. For purchasing, it simplifies BOMs and reduces the number of additional components that have to be sourced. During installation, it means fewer components to install, test, and possibly troubleshoot.
In addition, Ethernet networks are typically easier to set up than fieldbus technology and require less time to configure and troubleshoot, which translates into labor cost savings. As such, deploying Single-Pair Ethernet networks is also usually less expensive than deploying a fieldbus network.
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