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SPE technology represents the next milestone in network technology that could potentially revolutionize the market and enhance the current industry standards established by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Think about this like the transition from VHS to DVD in the early 2000s; today, many teenagers have never even seen a VHS tape. SPE is about to stage the same kind of revolution thanks to its many advantages.
» Compared to industrial and traditional RJ45 connectors, compact SPE connectors (pictured left) offer significant board space savings.
Advantages of Single-Pair Ethernet
1. Common Language
Everyone knows it’s easier to get things done without a language barrier. SPE provides a common programming language for physical layer (PHY) entities and chipsets that can enable a truly unified network. This allows manufacturers to get away from gateways. Removing the gateway is a bit like removing an interpreter; with SPE, connectors can essentially speak directly to each other without hitting a translation function handled by a gateway.
2. Longer Reach
The longest reach you can have with current popular IEEE standards before hitting a switch is 100 meters. That works fine for most factory automation, but it is too short and inefficient for building and process automation systems in large processing facilities. When you need thousands of feet of continuous runner cables, those switches add up fast!
        When technology and expertise
come together
Single Pair Ethernet is the new standard shaping the future design of communication devices for industrial environments.
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