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» As the industrial world evolves to adopt IoT strategies for an advanced physical layer, the need for new connection systems and smarter technology becomes the catalyst for Single-Pair Ethernet.
Single-Pair Ethernet is undeniably one of the next big trends of industrial data cabling. The old hierarchy of devices is being replaced by a multitude of smart devices that need comprehensive standardized communication from the sensor level to the cloud. SPE’s small form factor, streamlined, single-twisted-pair cable, bidirectional data flow, PoDL capabilities, and IEEE/IEC normative base will open up a ton of new applications in terms of sensor and actuator connectivity. They could even potentially replace current implementations of fieldbus cable systems.
SPE is poised to provide a unifying communication network for the next generation of sensor technologies. This new, simpler, slimmer, and more efficient system will extend the cost-effectiveness and plug-and-play capabilities of Ethernet to all corners of the wired world.
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