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Innovative Connector Solutions from Industrial to UxV
Steven Lassen, Senior Customer Application Engineer, LEMO
Industry-standard connectors certainly have their place, but sometimes a bit of innovation is required to solve unique design challenges for reliably conveying power and data. Here is a look at some distinctive connector designs that help design engineers in the Industrial and unmanned and autonomous (UxV) sectors achieve their goals.
Anglissimo – B and T Series
Cable management is important for applications with limited space. Industrial controls often have many cables that must be managed to minimize flex and wear. Similarly, in UxV applications connectors and cable routing must fit into very tight spaces. Ordering a traditional elbow connector plug with a fixed cable exit angle can limit cable management options. One remedy is to rotate the receptacle to achieve the desired cable exit angle. However, this may be a challenge if the PCB has already been produced. With a more unconventional but more versatile choice, such as the Anglissimo push-pull plug, the cable exit angle can be selected for any of eight different angles during assembly. Even after assembly, the cable exit angle can be adjusted by removing the shell and re-positioning it to the desired angle.
Multi-Concentric – S and E Series
Blind mating must be done when a connection needs
to be made in dark or difficult to reach locations. Keyed
connectors have forms that enable a connection to be
made by feel alone, but irregular connector housing
shapes can present a challenge in tight spaces. A multi-
concentric insert can also be mated by feel within a
round interface, and this design allows the connector to
be rotated once mated, or even during mating. This can
be helpful in an industrial control application where a
twisted cable can easily be straightened by rotating the
connector. Another benefit is that the connectors can be
mounted in a tube and engaged axially or during rotation.
Most industry-standard multi-concentric connectors are
available in coax or triax configurations which only allow
two to three contacts. The multi-concentric product is possible for up to 10 contacts, plus an outer shield. The larger surface area of the contacts also allows for higher current in a small package for power applications.
HALO LED – B and T Series
Connection status can add real-time feedback to those using industrial control equipment. How do users know the connector is properly mated, power or data is properly flowing through the connector, or if the device at the other end of the cable is functioning properly? A quick check of the panel receptacle indication lights can provide a lot of

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