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information. The HALO LED product integrates active LEDs right into the receptacle flange. They can be programmed to light up when connected, flash if there is an open or short circuit, or even change color by means of pulse width modulation circuitry designed into the PCB. Over a million color options are included, as well as three LED options: full 8 LEDs, a small single LED, or a small ring of light.
Limitations of M8 and M12 Type Connectors
Industry-standard M8 and M12 connectors are widely used across industrial, transportation, and other heavy equipment markets, but they also leave a lot of room for improvement. Traditionally, these connectors have simple threaded coupling and only handle a few signal contacts. However, the terminations may be overmolded, which limits the ability to repair a cable if needed. Also, the contacts may be stamped and rolled, which can limit cycle life and reliability. (Contacts that are machined from solid brass or bronze have much greater durability.)
To improve performance for threaded coupling connectors, the use of a detent or ratchet coupling can be incorporated into the connector design. Insulators can be designed to accommodate signal as well as power and even fiber optic, high voltage, or fluidic/pneumatic functions. Utilizing a single connector solution to incorporate all design elements saves space and helps the end user quickly connect or disconnect the cable.
Connector suppliers continually create new products to help engineers design streamlined and effective wiring architectures. New concepts are developed in partnership with customers and design engineers whose challenges might lead to the next great connector innovation.
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