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To improve the total cost of ownership for the warehouse operator, equipment OEMs need to invest in improved electric powertrain systems as necessary groundwork for tomorrow’s innovations. When designing electric powertrain systems for warehouse automation equipment, there are four considerations to keep in mind to increase durability, efficiency, and productivity.
1. Leverage industrial expertise
Warehouses often operate 24/7, so solutions must be reliable and low maintenance. Furthermore, the designs need to be rugged enough to withstand an environment where heavy packages and pallets are handled as well as special environments like cold storage warehouses. As a result, designs and components need to be shock and vibration resistant as well as durable enough to withstand dust and frost.
» Developing rugged components able to withstand harsh environments is central to advancing electric powertrain equipment.
Often, components used in industrial environments have been repurposed from other demanding applications. While these components have to be adapted to fit the requirements and landscape of warehouse automation, leveraging advances in other technologies, especially those from automotive electric vehicles, is highly recommended.

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