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    connector can mate on the reverse
§ Customizable for board-, wire- and component-to-board connections
     § Single and flat ribbon cables possible
§ Cable harnesses can be pre-assembled with highly-automated
§ Assemblers can rely on over 30 years of know-how in proven IDT assembly
§ Cable assembly can be processed on tried and tested knuckle joint presses, semi-automatic machines,and fully-automatic machines
- zero-defect quality during cable assembly
- assembly machines have testing stations which eliminate all defects
- highly-efficient cable assembly for any lot size
    § Connectors with positioning pins and snap-fits
- secure positioning and protection against mismating on
- durable and secure retention on the PCB
§ Keying options via keying pins in housing
- keying option: zero-defect quality during device
- protection against mismating prevents accidental mix- ups and faulty connections
§ Halogen-free material
§ Glow wire resistant material
     [Suggestion here:
LUMBERG_1_SmartSKEDD Connector with up to 13 poles.jpg
LUMBERG_2_SmartSKEDD with Secondary Locking acc. to LV 214.jpg]
Both SmartSKEDD direct connectors have a 2.5 mm pitch and come with numbers of poles from 3 - 11, in the version without pin even up to 13 poles. Designed for the temperature range from -40 to
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130 °C, the housing is halogen-free in PBT V-0 according to UL94, while the copper-tin contacts are
 always silver-plated. The contact resistance at Tamb 20 °C is ≤ 5 mΩ, the rated voltage at 50 V AC and the rated current at 4 A (Tamb 85 °C).

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