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The challenge
Although rail technology has progressed by leaps and bounds, the operating environment for communication technologies still presents extreme challenges, with the ever-present dust, moisture, dirt, and oil, as well as heat, electromagnetic interference, shock, and vibration all vying to disrupt or fatally corrupt the connections.
In one such example, a China-based manufacturer of high-speed trains was struggling to establish a stable communication signal. The root cause turned out to be the connectors: The components originally specified were failing to withstand the continuous jarring movement of the train. This not only resulted in signal failure, but also in the rapid deterioration of other components within the circuit, which led to high maintenance costs.
The manufacturer identified the need for more resilient interconnect technology to incorporate into the design of their PIS cabinets. This meant connectors that are robust, lightweight, compact, easy to assemble, and configurable for different applications and models.
The solution
M12 compact connectors, based on the Hypertac Hyperboloid contact technology, are one option that has been designed for challenging operating conditions. Their design provides continuous points of contact and a unique side- loading contact retention system that minimizes friction through even the roughest rides. Meanwhile, an IP67 metal shell and 360° EMI shielding give them a comprehensive seal. All this enables them to provide unparalleled immunity to shock, vibration, and environmental impacts to ensure uninterrupted signal integrity. The series includes up to eight insert options, with both crimp and solder contact terminations. The design complies to global rail requirements and comes in A and D coded versions.
The high-speed train manufacturer wanted to incorporate the M12 connectors into its cabinets quickly. Smiths Interconnect’s team drew on its knowledge of ruggedized connector technology to help the customer reconfigure its PIS cabinet to better meet its requirements. Valuable suggestions such as a color mark identification and improved instructions helped speed up the assembly process.
The win-win collaboration has given the manufacturer an important competitive advantage through a reliable and durable interconnect solution while enabling the passengers to have a pleasant and satisfactory travelling experience.
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