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Small but mighty
Connector bodies or shells may have to withstand very rugged abuse. Modified standard designs of popular Micro-D and Nano-D connectors combine higher current capacity for power and data pins to control position and force, and return data to the control machine. Low-profile, metal connectors that contain coax, power, and digital signal capacity are being used more frequently.
» The hybrid connector shown here is similar to the Micro-D form and offers 19 signal pins, four power pins, and three coax connections.
Miniaturized circular connectors based on the standard 38999 connector are being designed with a smaller diameter for better size and fit. Miniaturized hybridized circular connectors are also frequently designed with insulator sets that offer a mixture of coax and digital signal transmission.
 Finding a supplier for custom connectors
Begin by choosing a manufacturer with connector experience in the key area of interest. The company should have worked with the combination of micro-miniature sizes, ruggedized reliability, and multiple designs using power inside miniaturized connectors. Check for examples of current products that handle both power and digital signal in one connector and ask for examples of signal integrity and test capability. System designers should ensure that their design and manufacturing supplier establishes and tracks test requirements and quality assurance standards.
 » Coax Plus in shielding
For higher digital signal speeds, request high-speed test data, simulations, and eye diagrams of products from the supplier’s signal integrity engineer. Higher digital signal speeds can generate their own noise and harmonic interference within the signal pair. Test engineers can help in the design and placement of each signal within the connector and cable construction.

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