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For shape or size changes, a solid model of the design can be quickly completed online by the system engineer and the connector design team. After the design is approved, 3D printers or smart tooling machines can produce a first-article connector. The connector supplier’s prototype lab can pre-order cable and assemble a first-article interconnection system to ensure that fit and function meet the full requirements of the system before volume production begins.
» On-line solid modeling team
A Hybrid Connector Design Check List
  Details of the Application.
   How will the connector mount on the instrument: -Bolted, epoxied, or clamped
-Panel mount receptacle through a hole -Header soldered directly to a circuit.
-Edge card assembly
  Application Environment
    -Level of shock
-Degree of vibration -Temperature range -Moisture or salt exposure
   Cable Questions
  -Size and shape of route the cable must run -Size and weight of cable
-Flex cable instead of wire?
-Wire gauge to handle current levels
-Any high vertical reach or drop?
-Flex rate and bend radius for applications -Cable jacket abuse or friction
-Cable jacket touching humans
 Connector Electronics
   -Number of separate circuits
-RF signals, signal speeds, and impedance
-Digital signals enclosed in coax
-Any pulse or burst signal or power
-Number of high speed digital signals with drain wires -Analog signals included?
-Power for instruments in the same cable
  Connection methods
   -Number of mates/de-mates per use -Round or rectangular
-Threaded or ratchet locking
-Twist locking
-Jack screw rectangular -Quick latching rectangular
  Shielding/ Materials and protection
    -Cable and connector metal shields
-Amount of EMI or cyber-intrusion protection needed
-Metal shells vs polymer
-Overmolded strain relief from connector to cable
-Do materials need to meet NASA or military specifications?
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