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USB 4 Gen 3 Type C connectors combine power charging, tunneling USB, PCIe data transfer, and DP video and audio capability. A power rating up to 100 W means high-speed data transmission up to 40 Gb/s, ideal for storage, laptops, tablets, docking, peripherals, automotive infotainment, home entertainment, and more.
ComboStak (hybrid) and PowerStak (power) are compact board-to-board connectors. ComboStak combines existing BergStak 0.8 mm pitch signal pins with 2.00 mm pitch power blades. PowerStak is the power-only version. Both provide high signal and current density with a wide range of stack heights.
AxoMach are multi-gigabit data rate links designed to transmit up to 10 Gb/s per lane. They are used for the interconnection of high-definition imagery sensors in satellites. AxoMach cable assemblies are made with low loss microwave coaxial cables and can be terminated with different Axon’ Micro-D based connectors.
Discrete LAN Magnetics features magnetic-based solutions for high- speed computer and networking applications, focused on devices compatible with the bandwidth required to support voice/video/
data networking, high-performance computing, and storage traffic within the enterprise space industry and data centers.
The 818 Series M8 D-Coded connectors connect miniature sensors to Ethernet networks across applications that use the latest automation technology. They support the high data bandwidths common in today’s smart factories and protect from demanding industrial environments. When mated and locked they protect to IP67.
Miniature M16 IP67 circular connectors according to DIN EN 61076-2-106 are available with straight and angled cable or flange versions, and with 2 to 24 contacts with dip solder, crimp, screw clamp, solder and stranded wires, or
a molded cable. Some versions are shieldable. Users can expect over 500 mating cycles.

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