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BzKlip300 is especially designed for power distribution of data center servers, hyperscale computing architectures, modular power supplies, rack-mounted high-power systems, and industrial applications. Low contact resistance, gold plating, and high conductivity ensures high reliability and system efficiency.
The AC Power Whip Connector- 745-07A/B/F/G series high-power connectors with maximum 32A/10AWG and 50A/8AWG cables are designed for AC inputs for power shelves
of standardized servers in data centers. They are designed for server powerwhip 600 VAC input, especially for Open Rack V2/V3 or customized projects.
MIL-DTL-55116 QPL connectors from Amphenol PCD, Eaton, and Power Connector Inc. provide audio/video/ signal for tactical communications applications with crimp, solder cup
and solder tail termination options. Alternative-back-end configurations are available for most formats of tactical communications connectors.
CDM’s extensive wire harness manufacturing expertise includes a wide range of wire harness assemblies such as discrete wire, open bundle, closed bundle, and waterproof harnesses
for commercial, medical, military, and aerospace applications.
The floating mechanism is characterized by the absorption of alignment errors
at the contact point of the receptacles. The dual contacts shift with respect
to the movement of the connector, thereby achieving flexible range of motion.
The RAST 2.5 IDC connector is capable of mating directly or indirectly to a PCB. It reduces the number of components in the cable assembly thus saving material costs and offering design flexibility in products ranging from home appliances to automotive lighting.

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