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M12 X-coded IP67Jack, for field assembly, is a connecting link for system cabling and free cable connection, suitable per category 6A for data transmission up to 10 GBit. With its complete metal shield, it can be used under difficult transmission conditions, including applications in the industrial controls, robotics, and agricultural controls.
Amphenol ICC USB 4 Gen 3 Type
3 connectors are compatible with Thunderbolt 4 interfaces and provide power charging, tunneling USB, PCIe® data transfer, DisplayPort video, and audio capabilities. These connectors also offer a power rating of up to 100W and a 40Gb/s data transmission rate.
Harwin SMT Spring Contacts allow for flexibility when creating electrical and grounding connections. With many configurations and working heights, these spring contacts provide an ideal solution when space constraints are an issue. They are ideal for blind mating and tolerant to both wiping and sliding actions.
Power Micro-D connectors in sizes 9, 15, 21, 25, 31, 37, 51 are available with two contact rows. Mating pin and socket models are available. RoHS is available upon request.
Hybrid Micro Circular connectors contain power and signal contacts,
and offer combo connector options
to handle higher power needs and maintain a rugged lightweight micro- miniature size. Configurations are available in various pin sizes and counts including custom sizes and Micro-D combo configuration.
The single-pair Ethernet (SPE) connector profile is 50% smaller than an RJ45 connector. It is easy to integrate into devices and simplifies circuit layouts. SPE can achieve Ethernet transmission up to 1 Gb/s or up to 1,000 m and transmit up to 50 W of power in a broad range of applications.

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