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Guest Column
DTinuba Uni ed students deserve the best facilities
he overarching goal of the Facilities for nearly $150M in state Department at Dinuba Unified is to funding for school facilities. improve school facilities for all students Admittedly, about 60%
who are here today, and those to come in the future. We believe it is important that our students, families, and our community look with pride upon all Dinuba school facilities. We are committed to this goal and actively work toward it every day.
Have you wondered why the decision to relocate Dinuba High School? The reason is simple. Evidence shows that high-quality educational facilities are crucial to providing better instruction, which in turn improves student outcomes, reduces dropout rates, and enhances pride.
The idea of relocating Dinuba High was not originally among the ideas for meeting those objectives. Other alternatives, such as expanding the campus across First Street, opening a satellite Career Technical Education (CTE) campus, and reconstructing classroom wings, was evaluated. Each were considered in depth before determining that none of these solutions would ultimately provide the first-rate, modern facilities that Dinuba students deserve. In 2017, the District invested its resources into designing a new campus and navigating the necessary state agencies for approval. In August 2018, the District received word that the project had made it on the list in time to receive state funding! As a designated Financial Hardship district, the project is expected to be fully funded through Proposition 51, the State School Facility Bond. What does that mean for you? It would mean no new bond debt for the citizens of Dinuba.
When does construction begin? That will depend upon the new Governor who will have the power to release funds more swiftly than has been done to date. In the meantime, school facilities continue to decline, the costs of construction increase, and today’s students lose the benefits of improved educational spaces.
Funding for the new high school is not the only facility funding that Dinuba Unified anticipates. Since 2010 the District has successfully navigated the necessary array of state agencies to qualify
of that is for the new high school, but the District
has also qualified for new construction funds for two specialized Career Technical Education (CTE) facilities (Construction Management and Automotive Diagnostics
and Repair), which will be constructed at the new high school. In addition,
the modernization of kindergarten classrooms
at Roosevelt awaits funding, and additional modernization projects for Lincoln, Jefferson, and Dinuba High School are in the works.
While the District is eager to receive the nearly $150M in state funding, we greatly appreciate the more than $20M in state funding the District has already received for modernization of seven of the District’s campuses: Washington, Grand View, Jefferson, Lincoln, Wilson, Roosevelt, and Dinuba High. Many aspects of these modernization projects are for basic operational systems such as HVAC units, plumbing, roofing and technology infrastructure. Other more visible campus improvements include the replacement of portable classrooms with new modular buildings at five campuses (Grand View, Jefferson, Lincoln, Wilson, and Roosevelt), resurfacing the tennis courts at Washington Intermediate, security fencing at Dinuba High and much more.
Most recently, the District finalized an agreement with the City of Dinuba to lease the Dinuba Vocational Center and will move the District’s Adult Education programs there beginning January 2019.
We believe, and evidence supports the idea, that high-qualify facilities make a difference – for students, to parents, and within the community – and we are doing all we can to ensure that DUSD facilities are the best we can provide.
Peggy Garispe is Chief Business Official for DUSD.
Peggy Garispe
Members of the Dinuba High School FFA Lamb Show Team at the recent Tulare County Fair.
Dinuba High FFA re ects on accomplismments
By Karen Cabellos and Itzel Carbajal
in which animals were judged based on body conformation, structure and marketability. The following day, these same students competed in showmanship at 2pm. Showmanship is a competition in which contestants present their animals to the judge and get placed based on how well they exhibit their animal, including general knowledge of their specie. Students are usually judged upon their showing performance with their animal, eye contact, and animal- handling ability.
On Thursday, September 13th, the two goat exhibitors had their market show and showmanship competition in the morning. Later that same day, lamb owners participated in the very competitive. On Friday, September 14th, our single beef exhibitor showed his steer in the market show and competed in showmanship. All beef and dairy animals were auctioned on Saturday. The auction for hogs, sheep, and goats was Sunday, September 16th.
Letters to the editor
The difference between a democracy and a republic
Are we a Democracy, or a Republic under God?
James Madison, the Father of the Constitution, was a student of the nature of governments.
He was also, equally, a student of God’s human nature. The framers were also learned students and understood the meaning of God’s natural law. They understood that if men were Angels no government would be necessary.
In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and next oblige it to control itself. This is called a democracy.
We are not a democracy. We are a republic under God, governed by the Constitution and the rule
of law, not by men. Read it, in the Constitution; Article 4, Section 4.
Most Americans have grown accustom to hearing and using the word democracy for our form of government. The framers rejected a democracy form of government. They made it clear that
the difference was between order and chaos. Democracy, can lead to fraud, violence, cruelty, licentiousness, envy and corruption. It can lead to a tyrannical form of government because men make the rules known as the majority. Any government run by the rule of the majority, eventually, falls by the wayside.
The founders called the 51 percent potentially mob rule. The 49 percent is swallowed by the 51percent. Inademocracy,theindividualis
not sovereign; rather, the collective majority is sovereign. As individual citizens are at the mercy of the collective whole, or potentially the mob, as they refer to it.
That is why Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams, in the Declaration of Independence, acknowledge God, not the government or the democracy majority as the source of individual sovereign rights of life, and liberty.
In a republic form of government under God, an individual’s unalienable rights cannot be denied or violated by the democratic majority, or the mob madness of the minority. The democracy form of government “the majority” is very prevalent and has been in constant use in this country.
In a republic form of government it is the rule of-law that governs, not mob rule. Just look at the confrontations of the out-of-control, heinous mob, in Judge Kavanaugh’s hearings.
Cicero, the great thinker and statesman, said “God’s law is right reason. When perfectly understood, it is called wisdom.”
When applied by government in regulating human relations properly, it is called justice.
In closing, let me emphasize what the framers gave us a “Republic under God,” as written in
the Constitution. Throughout the years, we have been brain washed and taught the constant use
of the word democracy in schools, colleges and universities. It is used constantly in local, state and federal government affairs.
By the way, the word “democrat” comes from the word democracy. The word “republican” is derived fromthewordrepublic.
Manuel Madrid Formerly of Dinuba
Dinuba FFA is proud of the accomplishments of all exhibitors and the efforts they demonstrated. In the white
See FFA, Page A8
On September 10th, 26 livestock students went to the Tulare County Fairgrounds to set up animal pens, supplies, and haul in pigs, goats, lambs and a steer in preparation to be exhibited at the 2018 Fair. These students had been preparing the last 3-8 months in
order to show their animals and compete at the annual event. Animal owners were responsible for feeding, grooming, and walking their animals daily in order to be shown at the fair. On Wednesday, September 12th, students who had a hog competed in the market show,
DHS FFA Chapter Reporter and Historian
Dinuba High School FFA's Melissa Corona and her prize winning goat.
Dedicated Leadership for Dinuba
Improving our daily lives
• He kept his campaign promise to complete road 72 and illuminate streets with LED lights.
• He got sidewalks installed on the north side of Saginaw between Rite Aid and Euclid.
• He put in the 4 way stop at Euclid and Saginaw.
• He worked with the County to make train crossing arms.
Keeping the city fiscally responsible
• Increased the budget reserve significantly.
• Lowered impact fees for future growth and development.
• Closed $1.9 million deficit in fiscal year 18/19.
Committed to our community
• He lobbied against Senate amendment SCA20 (Internet sales Tax bill).
• Worked to create Internal Homeless Outreach Team.
• For 20 years he’s empowered the youth of Dinuba through education, mentorship, and scholarships.

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