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Katelyn Joleen Martinez
Katelyn Joleen Mar-
tinez of Dinuba died March 20 in Dinuba. She was 19.
Ms. Martinez was a student.
She is survived by her parents, one broth- er and one sister.
Services were held April 8 at Living Word Fellowship Church in Dinuba. Burial was at Smith Mountain Cem- etery in Dinuba.
Dopkins Dinuba Fu- neral Chapel handled the arrangements.
Miguel Mendoza
Miguel Mendoza of Orosi died March 31 in Orosi. He was 64.
Mr. Mendoza worked in farm labor.
He is survived by his spouse, Isabel Lo- pez, three sons and four daughters.
Services were held April 9 at St. Cathe- rine's Catholic Church in Dinuba. Burial was at Smith Mountain Cemetery in Dinuba.
Dopkins Dinuba Fu- neral Chapel handled the arrangements.
Celia Olivares
Celia Olivares of Di- nuba died April 4 in Di- nuba. She was 72.
Mrs. Olivares worked as a packer in a packing house.
She is survived by her spouse, Roberto Olivares Lopez, one son, one daughter, six brothers, two sisters and three grandchil- dren.
A rosary was held April 13 at Dopkins Di- nuba Funeral Chapel. A mass was held April 14 at St. Catherine's Cath- olic Church in Dinuba. Burial was at Smith Mountain Cemetery in Dinuba.
Zenaida Reyes-Rosendo Zenaida Reyes-
Rosendo of Dinuba died April 4 in Visalia. She was 85.
Mrs. Reyes-Rosen- do formerly worked in farm labor.
She is survived by one son, numerous brothers, nine grand- children and nine-plus great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her spouse, Juan Toribio, and two sons.
No services were held. Dopkins Dinuba Funeral Chapel handled the arrangements.
Michael G. Wilson
Michael G. Wilson of
Dinuba died April 11 in Visalia. He was 71.
Mr. Wilson worked as a combine mechanic. He is survived by two sons, two daugh- ters, four brothers, two sisters, 11 grandchil- dren and two great-
A graveside service
is scheduled for 11 a.m. Thursday, April 15, at Smith Mountain Cem- etery in Dinuba.
Sterling & Smith Funeral Home handled the arrangements.
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through music. Citlalli loves to sing songs from her culture. She feels this allows her to demon- strate the pride she has for her culture.
Citlalli would like to be Cinco de Mayo Queen because she would like to represent our beautiful culture and the parents who left everything be- hind to give us wonderful opportunities here. She would also like to help her community by show- ing young ladies that any- thing is possible if you set your mind to it. Citlalli would like to encourage others to never give up on their dreams.
Citlalli’s future plans are to attend Reedley College, College of the Se- quoias, or Southwestern College. She would like to pursue a career as an Auto Mechanic.
Victoria Garza
Victoria Garza is the 14-year-old daughter of Efrain and Lisa Garza. Her honors include Honor Roll and Emperor of the
Month, which she re- ceived in Oc- tober 2020.
Vic- toria is a mem- ber of
face in life, with God and your family, you can overcome anything life throws at you.
Victoria’s future plans are to attend Fresno Pa- cific University and pur- sue a career in Special Education. She would like to become an educator because she understands how important it is for students to have a teacher that will support them to achieve greatness.
Yaretzi Corpus Solis
Yaretzi Corpus Solis is the 17-year-old daugh- ter of Jorge Corpus and Romelia Solis. Her hon- ors include Honor Roll, CSF membership, an aca- demic letter, and AP and Honors courses. Yaretzi currently has a 4.6 GPA.
SA, Med Academy, Stu- dent Council, Adelante Latina, and Big Brother/ Big Sister.
Melissa’s talent is Ballet
Folklor- ico. She chose her tal- ent be- cause she has been
way to express herself. Emily would like to be Cinco de Mayo Queen because she wants to prove that nothing is im- possible if you put your heart and effort into it. She would like to show others that anything and
everything is possible. Emily’s future plans are to attend Reedley College and study Com-
Marina Velasquez
Marina Velasquez is the 17-year-old grand- daughter of Michael and Teresa Caldera. During the 2018-19 school year, she was awarded the Most Improved Singer in Women’s Choir. She has also maintained a 3.0 or above throughout her high school career.
Marina is involved in many extra-curricular activities. She is a mem- ber of
the Di- nuba High School Concert Choir, a volun- teer at
Thursday, April 15, 2021
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       Victoria Ann Garza
school, she has assisted with the choreography of 3 high school plays, coached youth cheerlead- ing, and has raised funds for local families in need. She also has previous pageant experience. She ran for Cinco de Mayo Queen last year, where she earned a scholarship. She also ran for Miss Di- nuba, 2020 Homecoming Queen, and was the 2nd Runner up for Cinco de Mayo Princess in 2017. Marina is an employee of A&W Restaurant, as well as an experienced model, actress, and dancer.
the Ignite Club, Dinuba High School Band, and the Traver Church of God Valor youth group.
Victoria’s talent is dancing. She chose to per- form a dance because it is a healthy activity that she enjoys doing.
Victoria would like to be Cinco de Mayo Queen because she would like to represent her culture and her community. She would also like to show little girls that no matter what challenges you may
For her talent, Marina will recite a self written monologue. She chose a monologue because she wants to speak about what experiences her ancestors have encoun- tered and she would like to educate others about her heritage. She would also like to explain the importance of Cinco de Mayo, including why we celebrate it.
Marina would like to be Cinco de Mayo Queen because she would like to educate others within, and outside of her com- munity about her cultural background, and expand and share her experi- ences. She would reach out to anyone in need and improve the environment and safety for those with- in her community.
Marina’s future plans are to attend Orfalea College of Business in San Luis Obispo and ma- jor in Business.
Auto • Comercial • Shower Doors Mirrors • Screens
Yaretzi is involved in many extracurricu- lar ac-
She is
a mem-
ber of
C o u n -
cil, the
CEPT Club, and the Across the Grid Club.
Yaretzi’s talent is a monologue recitation. She chose to recite a monologue that shows the impact indiginous groups have had on Mex- ico and its culture. She would like to show how much Mexico has grown throughout the years as well as express how tra- ditions have united us.
Yaretzi would like to be Cinco de Mayo Queen because she feels it would be an incredible experience that would allow her to spread the Mexican culture. It would also enable her to be a role model as she learns more about her community.
Yaretzi’s future plans are to attend UC Berke- ley where she would like to study Architecture.
Melissa Valencia
Melissa Valencia is the 17-year-old daughter of Jose and Maria Valen- cia. Her honors include Honor Roll and CSF membership. Melissa is currently ranked in thetop2percentofher graduating class.
Melissa is involved in various high school ac- tivities. She is a member of the Soccer team, HO-
Melissa would like to be Cinco de Mayo Queen because she would like to break stereotypes America has put on the Latino community. Sta- tistics show that less than 6% of doctors are of latino descent. She be- lieves it is time to change those statistics, and she would like to be part of that change. Melissa would like to prove to the younger generation that anything is possible if they set their minds to it and work hard. Her goal is to open doors and be the hope and motivation for her community.
Melissa was accept- ed and has committed to attend UCLA in the fall. She plans to follow the pre-med track as she majors in Psychology. Following her college graduation, she plans to attend Med School.
Emily Vargas
Emily Vargas is the 17-year-old daughter of Raquel Vargas. Her hon- ors include Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, and a 4.0 GPA.
Emily is a member of Leadership, Marketing, Student
cil, and Saint Cath- erine’s Choir.
For her tal- e n t ,
E m -
ily will
She chose to sing because she has been singing since a very young age. Singing not only brings her joy, but Emily views it as a
Yaretzi Corpus Solis
Little Marina E m p s Velasquez
dancing Melissa since Valencia
she was
a little girl and because she feels Ballet Folklor- ico is a way to represent who she is in this coun- try. It also reminds her where she came from and the reason she is suc- cessful in life.
Email or call 638-2244 or 875-2511
  Emily Vargas
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