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on myself, and I’ll do better if
there is more enjoyment. Our
final battle camp was very testing, mostly because of the freezing temperatures of -8 degrees. I think I, as well as the rest of the company, did really well at keeping the morale up, bearing in mind it was only our third time out in the field as nearly trained soldiers.
I am coming to the end of my phase two training at The Defence Animal Training Regiment. This 7-week course has been incredibly eye-opening. I have learnt the
basics to handling Military Working Protection dogs and their specific care requirements. Coming from civilian veterinary clinics and despite 6 years of animal experience, it has been hugely beneficial to be given this time and gold-standard coaching by the training staff to adjust to the differences between pets that I have become accustomed to versus MWDs. It has also given me a huge insight into what other vital parts of the RAVC do. I can now go ahead in my career with a clear
Initial Trade Training Military Working Dog Handlers Course 2203
  understanding of what dog handlers get up to and how I can help in any way possible with my nursing and care plans.
My next step is the Transition to Military Practice course at the DATR. After this, I take my full step as a Vet Tech and cannot wait. After having nearly 9 months out of nursing, I am excited to see what responsibilities
I can take on board and potentially add to the team. I am hopeful to
get deployed on as many exercises in the next few years of my career and to travel as much as possible. At every chance I get, I hope to benefit from adventurous training. Even though I’m not amazing at it now, I enjoy mountain biking and hope to improve in the next few years.
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