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Military Working Horse
– a look at life after Service
by SSgt Marisha Vermulen
As I come closer to the end
of my posting as the Equine Estate manager for Equine Training Squadron, I would like to say what an absolute pleasure it has been to find our Military Working Horses new homes for their well- earned retirement. I have so many happy rehome stories but chosen two of my favourites. After a full career with the HCMR Military Working horse Nad-E-Ali who served 10 years, has had a hugely successful career within the HCMR. Nad-E-Ali was once an amazing competition horse that had jumped at Royal Windsor Horse show and done many parades such as Trooping of the colour and the state opening
of parliament and state visits. His ability and love for the job was exceptional. MWH Nad-E-Ali was a characterful horse and would often be found enjoying a good canter along Rotten Row or jumping at Twesledown. We had the wonderful opportunity to rehome him to one of the civilian riders Danielle Gubbay from the HCMR who rode him most mornings whilst he was part of 1 Troop Lifeguards.
My second favourite story is about Military Working Horse Spitfire who
From the Left: Jedburgh, Spitfire and Poppet living their best life on The Isle of Wight
  sadly had to retire due to veterinary problems. He was rehomed to a lovely home on the Isle of Wight with two other retired Military horses Jedburgh and Poppet. Spitfire has served as a leader in F Sub-Section’s gun team during his career. He has participated in all state ceremonial occasions including Royal Gun Salutes in Hyde Park and The Green Park, the Queen’s Birthday Parade (Trooping the Colour); as well as Public Duties including the Queen’s Lifeguard. He has performed in
the Musical Drive at Royal Windsor Horse Show and various other county shows. He also appeared in the
Downton Abbey movie.
As a dog handler by trade, I have
been privileged to learn a new skill and get a look in to the fabulous work our Military Working Horses do in the HCMR, KTRHA and the DATR, sending them on their final journey to retirement from Military Service. I will certainly miss the wonderful people that I have met along the way, and I will miss the updates on how our retirees are getting on. Please keep an eye on our DATR social media page for updates on our rehome policies and to register your interest in rehoming one of our Military Working Horses.
    Just to make sure he doesn’t miss the Trumpets
Finally, home for a well-earned retirement
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