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The journey of becoming Registered Veterinary Nurses
by LCpl Pocock – Veterinary Technician and Student Veterinary Nurse
From January 2023 myself and 4 other RAVC Veterinary Technicians were lucky enough to embark on the journey of becoming Registered
Veterinary Nurses (RVNs), studying with the College of Animal Welfare near Huntingdon. Becoming an RVN is no quick process, and the apprentice course will take us all approximately two and a half years to complete. The training involves attending weekly college lectures, completing a comprehensive online portfolio, and clinical placements at civilian veterinary practices. Typically, Veterinary Technicians in the Army work with working dogs & horses, and this course will widen our clinical knowledge with exposure to cats, rabbits, different breeds of dogs, and other small animals.
Each one of us undertaking this course understands how important this is for our career development and is grateful for the doors it will open. The course will also provide the Army with qualified RVN’s which will in turn, help to ensure the military maintains its high welfare standards wherever it operates.
  AWAMO present bronze plaque to Chindit
n our way back from Ukraine this week we stopped off at the Chindit memorial in London. It commemorates the Chindit
special forces, which served in Burma under Major General Orde Wingate in the Second World War. Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation Inc. (AWAMO) has funded a bronze plaque to honour the animals that served during that campaign, some 5000 Mules and horses, over 100 Elephants for haulage and engineering tasks, plus oxen and a few dogs.
We met Steve Fogden from the Society and had a great discussion on the animal’s role in WWII. The plaque will not go on the existing monument as it is Grade 2 listed. It is likely to be displayed at the Chindit memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum, Staffordshire.
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