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  National Military Working Dogs Memorial
OHolywell, North Wales
n the 4th April 23, in his and this day marked the start of role as RAVC Association the building process. The statue of Chairman, Major Sean Theo, who worked alongside LCpl
Jones attended a ground breaking ceremony at the National Military Working Dogs Memorial in Holywell, North Wales, along with his wife, Emma.
The charity has worked hard to raise funds to build a memorial to MWDs from all three services ( who were all represented on the day),
Liam Tasker RAVC until they were both tragically killed in action in Afghanistan, was chosen to be on display for the ceremony, and the guest of honour was LCpl Tasker’s mother, Mrs Jane Duffy.
The ceremony was marked by some short but heartfelt words from the Chairman of Trustee, it
was agreed by all, the sculptor had perfectly captured Theo’s energy, drive and cheekiness!
We wish the charity all the best over the next few months and look forward to the memorial’s opening.
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