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The Facilities Committee has continued to work hard to maintain and improve the Clubhouse, our grounds, and Moorings. We are fortunate that the Bosun who, supported by Volunteers, can carry out much of this work so reducing our expenditure.
       Our focus this year has been maximising
the effectiveness and use of our facilities to increase our income and reduce costs. The introduction of pre-payment for our walk- ashore Pontoon has been positively received by Members and non-members. This has reduced the number of no shows that lead to disappointment for others as well as ensuring that no payment is overlooked, which is important to keep our Membership Fees as low as possible.
This year we made the decision to lease a swinging mooring close to the Club Pontoon. This has enabled us to control the size of
boat on this Mooring so we can raft safely on the Pontoon in easterly winds. We have also improved the Wi-Fi, enabling us to install CCTV to monitor the use of the Pontoon.
The Brow, which connects the Pontoon
to the Jetty, will be refurbished in the
Spring thanks to the incredible generosity of Members who have agreed to sponsor a plank. We raised so much money with this initiative
that we have been able to start building a fund to begin the much larger task of refurbishing the Jetty. Stainless steel plaques will be
placed on the planks with messages from
the individual sponsors. We have 100 planks sponsored and many more are available if you would like to support this venture!
The Facilities Committee have worked
in partnership with the House Committee
to ensure our Clubhouse continues to be maintained and repaired as needed. This has included minor repairs to the roof and flood defences this year. We continue to look at how our Clubhouse can be used when availability allows, to generate income for the Members. Please spread the word if you know of any organisations or businesses who would be interested in hiring it.
Whilst Sea Echo still needs replacing in the future, we ensure it is regularly repaired and maintained. We continue to evaluate the changing needs of our Members for the operating hours of our Water Taxi.
I would like to thank the small Facilities Committee and other Volunteers who give many hours of their time to reduce the cost of all these improvements. We are always keen to attract more members, so if you have skills which could support us and can give a small amount of time, please let Stuart Earp or a member of the Executive know.
After over three years I am pleased to be handing over leadership of the Facilities Committee to fresh eyes, who I am sure will continue, during these challenging times, to ensure the RSYC grows and thrives. I shall continue to support the RSYC Trust and the introduction of water-based activities for families.
Tina Daniel
Past Rear Commodore Facilities

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