Page 11 - Yachter Spring 2024
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The eve of the AGM in March, saw the last round of the season’s Gins’ Supper Quiz.
I remember a past Commodore saying to
me that the Quiz is the ‘glue that keeps the Club together.’ There are participants from all sections of the Club: Racers; Cruisers; and Social.
We get together monthly during the dark Winter months, when boating is in abeyance a (well, for most of us!), to enjoy an evening of jollity, banter, and companionship.
Forget your pub quiz, the Gins’ Supper Quiz is like no other. Anton and Robin challenge us with 20 questions. The answers are debated and argued over by the teams, before submission, often to have our answers ridiculed by the Quiz Masters. Yes, this may
take all evening, but it is tremendous fun! Also, beforehand we are very well fed by our Chef.
So, the burning question is who won the series? Yes, it was Rebrobates, once again...
Clearly, they need more opposition, so do join us for the 2024/25 series. Whether you come with a team or come on your own, you will be made to feel most welcome. Do not be put off, if you don’t think you are an Einstein, it’s the participation that counts and having a jolly good evening.
See you for the next series in October!
Helen Verstage
          QUIZ NIGHT 11

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