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                                                 No hassle Kit and Personal
Possessions Insurance.
Kit & Personal Possessions Insurance
     Covers much more than just your kit.
As well as covering your kit, your personal tech and valuables are covered too. And you don’t need to notify us if you change or upgrade your tech.
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  • Laptop & Mobile Cover - up to £1500 per item^
• No charges for paying monthly
Visit Call 0151 363 5290
• Up to £40k worldwide cover • No Credit Check
All included as standard
^Electronic devices such as laptops and mobile phones are covered up to £1,500 per item as standard, and valuables and bikes up to £3,000 per item. Items above these values to need to be specified on your policy schedule.
Kit & Personal Possessions Insurance is provided by Ageas Insurance Limited.
PMGI Limited, trading as Forces Mutual, is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The firm is on Financial Services Register, registration number 114942. Registered in England & Wales number 1073408. Registered Office: 80 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 4BY.
ADV KI P 0004 0723

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