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  This year started with a bang. Literally! With all three Army Rugby teams becoming Inter Service Champions. A great season for fellow RAPTC ‘Apostles’ RFC who were well represented throughout, both playing and supporting.
As part of an enduring civilian engagement task, we hosted an annual charity event for Cystic Fibrosis known as the “CF Warrior Games”.
Sadly, our first attempt resulted in a medical emergency, thankfully to the swift action of the SSI and AAPTIs working on the event, lifesaving first aid was immediate and due to the reporting processes, emergency medical support was on site within 20 mins by both land and air. Something we might not be so lucky with currently. The management of the incident was exemplary resulting in the full recovery of the civilian casualty who was able to attend as a guest of honour at the subsequently rearranged event. In total we raised £26,000.
Despite the Operational tempo and 4 in 5 of the Regiment committed to NATO taskings, we managed to increase our quota of AAPTIs and Physical Training Leaders (PTLs) within the unit. Congratulations to LCpl Williams on successfully completing her AAPTI course and hopefully we will see you realise your aspirations for the RAPTC in the next couple of years.
A year of high tempo and a return to what we love best, culminating in successful promotion to WO2 and handing over the Regiment PD custodianship to SSgt (SSI) Rob Chudley. I could not ask for a better year, nor a better replacement to take over the task of managing the Movement Controllers and Postal Couriers of the world.
 Apostles: SSgt Bambury, WO2 Gray, SSgt Bradley, Maj Boocock, Maj (Retd) Lindsay-Collins
  Warrior Games Trophy
Gym 2IC - LCpl Kilding, LCpl Williams, WO2 Gray
 LCpl Williams passing AAPTI course

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