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  Having spent 4 years delivering Adventurous Leadership and Resilience Training as an ATI, Sub
Aqua Diving Supervisor, it was time to return to the Field Force Army and to the foundations of why we all transfer to the RAPTC - to manage and deliver Physical Training.
I have returned to an aviation unit in 47 Regiment Royal Artillery (47RA) to design, implement and manage their Physical Development (PD) programmes, including Adventurous Training and Sport programmes. A significant change in responsibilities and duties, however an exciting, challenging and rewarding experience to be a part of soldiers’ development and witness both their personal and professional changes during my tenure.
The transition from ATI to a Mainstream Instructor has brought many challenges; firstly, there have been numerous changes to all PD Policies and the implementation of the Army Physical Training System (APTS). Changing the methods of how the British Army has trained for decades from an Aerobic focus to that of a muscular strength/endurance focus to reduce the risks of musculoskeletal injuries which have plagued our people for so long.
Secondly, having been used to a regimented structure within training establishments for so long, I have not had to deal with the assiduous nature of a field force unit and their high operational tempo. Sub-units are constantly deployed, and this presents a vast array of challenges in managing AAPTIs, to ensure all unit personnel are in-date for all mandatory Individual Training Requirements (ITRs).
Finally, and probably the biggest challenge I believe I’ve faced so far is trying to change the mindset and behaviours of our people and how they view Physical Development. I truly believe that if our
SSgt (SSI) K Patrice RAPTC
 people understand the inherent benefits of improving their physical performance from not only a professional but that also of a personal perspective.
If the Service Personnel (SP) truly believe and understand all the life benefits that include making them happier by increasing the production of endorphins, it’s good for their muscles and bones as it makes them stronger, reduces the risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease. We want the individual to conduct and embrace PD, not because they are being directed, but because they want to, this will improve the operational capability and effectiveness of the unit and the wider Army.
I have embraced the challenges encountered since arriving in the Field Army. I relish the opportunity to make 47RA one of the most physically and mentally robust units on Larkhill Garrison by focusing on changing their mindsets and its relationship to PD. The training will be challenging, and it will be tough but, if as a unit, every person can build and overcome those challenges, they will be stronger both mentally and physically because of it.
I end with a quote from Field Marshall Montgomery: “Discipline strengthens the mind so that it becomes impervious to the corroding influence of fear”.
Taking the Unit through a challenging Battle PT Lesson
   Unit Grappling exercises
Unit Log Exercises
Battery Stretcher Race

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