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  Firstly, I would like to thank Capt (MAA) Scott Pollock RAPTC for a quality and outstanding Handover
as I took over the SO3 PD HQ WM role during the transition from 11th Sig and WM Bde to HQ West Midlands. In addition, an extended thanks to WO2 (QMSI) Dean Foley RAPTC, who gapped the SO3 position for four months prior to my arrival.
The transition from Woolly Hatter to PD could not have been as smooth without the legend - QMSI Dean Foley. These Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS) Warrant Officer (WO) positions in the Reginal Points of Command (RPoC) space and the knowledge they hold is not only highly impressive but are a testament to why FTRS appointments were first established. The WO RPOC FTRS appointments provide the RAPTC with the necessary corporate knowledge and skills that would have been lost on retirement. From what I have witnessed, they all do this incredible job day in day out with enthusiasm and drive to support our Corps, we should never take this for granted.
HQ WM is home to the Midlands, and the AOR is supported by impressive RAPTCIs from Hereford in the West to Birmingham in the East. Each of the units is varied with different output requirements. The Army Reserve (AR) units also play an essential role, and it’s evident that the AR has come a long way from the old TA days. What is asked of them is significant, and the AR RAPTCIs play a huge and complex role in ensuring their units are fit to fight and ready to deploy. Like the other home regions, the Midlands has a fantastic family feel and from my initial unit visits, it was, as expected, very rewarding to see our RAPTCIs delivering their output with immense passion and enthusiasm. It is inspiring to see their ever-increasing drive to support each other to deliver our output. This is very evident in Sport, with each Sporting Sec taking on the role and delivering fantastic events with support from the Midland RAPTCIs. Most noticeable this year is the drive to rebrand/re-enthuse Sport across the Midlands. Events this year include the ‘Battle for Centre’ aka Festival of Sport (FoS) delivered by SSgt (SSI) Nephi Attree, which will be hosted at MOD Grants (Old Welbeck College), a fantastic sporting venue with excellent facilities. In addition, the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham has been secured for the UK Midlands Athletics Championship and will be delivered by Sgt (SI) Steven Ward; another excellent opportunity for our SP to compete at a Commonwealth Games Arena.
HQ WM is busy in the background as I write this with another transition to become
Capt (MAA) M Fletcher RAPTC
 The Battle for Centre (FoS) team conducting a recce under the leadership of SSgt (SSI) Nephi Attree
RPoC Centre with the merging together of HQ WM and the firm base elements of HQ 7BdeCombatTeam(BCT)&HQEast,with HQ 7 BCT separating from the transition. RPoC Centre will be a large AoR covering an area of 18862kms, with 41 Regular Units and 13 Army Reserve HQs, with units furthest in the West being Hereford and in the East Colchester. The change will come into effect on 1 May 23. This will be a busy period for the HQ and one we will relish and look forward to as we get to know the other RAPTCIs working in the East.
Working out of an RPoC HQ is rewarding and a good reminder of the hard work our RAPTCIs conduct daily, delivering our output. It is also good to see that despite the busy work strands, the HQ still makes time to participate in Sport and some good old-fashioned AT...
The articles that follow from the Midlands RAPTC Instructors will give an insight into the rewards and demands of working in the Midlands, a testament to the modern RAPTCI.
The PD Team on Ex DRAGON ROMAN SKI 23 in Chamonix
  Midland Study Period - Nov 22

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