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  1Royal Irish have faced a challenging year with the Battalion being deployed to multiple locations and faced the task
of changing their role from Armoured to Light Recce Strike Battalion. The Battalion deployed to Bulgaria on Op DETALINA and Mali on Op NEWCOMBE, with Pre- Deployment Training (PDT) being the forefront of focus for the AAPTIs and my predecessor.
I arrived at the Battalion in Sep 22 with the bulk of the unit deployed; PT switched focus from PDT to managing Rear Operations Group (ROG) PT encompassing Level 1 and Level 2 PT and keeping personnel motivated. My experiences at AFC Harrogate equipped me with the management of Level 1 and Level 2 PT individuals and how to keep them focused on the process and the end game whilst avoiding becoming demotivated whilst the rest of the Battalion were deployed. I achieved this by rewarding attendance and progress whilst, in discussion with the resident RAF ERI, this increased attendance numbers for Level 1 and Level 2 PT. For the remainder of the ROG personnel, they were introduced to a progressive PT programme that incorporated sports afternoons to keep morale high. The AAPTIs managed sport afternoons with a different mini-tournament occurring every Wednesday.
To welcome the deployed personnel home and finish off the year for the Battalion, 1 Royal Irish also wanted a boxing night in December, which has not happened for 4 years. This put a lot of ownership on the gym staff and the boxing officer to achieve with the majority deployed. A boxing team was established and boxing coach
SSgt (SSI) M Lancelles RAPTC
 qualifications were achieved in a short timeframe. The Battalion completed a successful boxing night with 8 competitive fights in total and an excellent way to cap off the year.
As we turned into 2023, the Battalion were back from deployment and Post Operational Tour Leave (POTL), and again the focus of the Battalion was PDT, but this time for Ex WESSEX STORM. As a gym, we focused on achieving maximum pass rates for Role Fitness Tests and then progressing the Physical Training Programme (PTP) for scenario-based sessions for WESSEX STORM. Again, with the Battalion only just coming off deployment, it was a simple transition.
The addition of scenario-based training in conjunction with the training wing helped switch the mindset to Ex WESSEX STORM. In this timeframe, I also managed to improve the gym facilities, which saw an uplift of Physical Training Equipmnet (PTE) from Pulse Fitness to improve the living aspect of service personnel and aid in the delivery of the Army Physical Training System (APTS).
1 Royal Irish have been well-attended on the sporting front, with Rugby, Football and cross-country at the forefront. The rugby team have been very successful, and not only did they have a Rugby tour of Fiji, but they also went on to win the Vase Final at the Community Finals day at Aldershot, beating the Royal Welsh 19-17.
Whilst WESSEX STORM is taking place, the plans for the ROG will again be Level 1 and Level 2 PT focused, with other objectives being to qualify more AAPTIs, sport and AT taking priority where possible.
An enjoyable and intensive start to my tenure as the RAPTCI for 1 Royal Irish and what appears to continue throughout the rest of the year.
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