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  In September 2022, I was fortunate to join 22 Signal Regiment (22SR), a team of over 500 Service Personnel (SP) who
immediately made me feel welcome. The Regiment’s Mission statement is: Prepare and, at readiness, Generate, Project, and Redeploy Comd Sp to HQ Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) Force Elements (Fes) in order to ensure success on current and future operations. The Regiment requires a fit, trained, and professional unit that is always ready to learn, adapt, and support the 1 (UK) Signal Brigade and HQ ARRC. One way to ensure this is through a structured Physical Training Plan, which the Commanding Officer supports.
The SP have access to three gymnasiums, including one with 24-hour access. Recently, Gym 2 had a significant renovation, with approximately £140k spent on replacing the flooring. This upgrade was thanks to the support of WO1 (SMI) Rob Harden and HQ Regional Command, making the gym floor able to support the heavy loads lifted by 22SR SP.
Stafford Station is known for its exceptional sporting facilities, which have led to 22SR’s success in various competitions. The Badminton team secured second place at the UK Midlands Inter-Service and qualified for the Army Championships. The Basketball team has retained the Inter-Unit Midlands Basketball Competition as winners for two years in a row, earning them a place in the Army Inter-Unit Basketball Championships. The Cross-Country team placed first in the Major Unit category in the UK Midlands’s league, an improvement from last year’s runner-up spot. Members of 22SR swam the channel raising money for the Royal Signals Association Charity.
LCpl Thomas securing the title of WDFPF Junior
SSgt (SSI) R Hailwood RAPTC
 Moreover, SP from the Regiment have had success at UK, GB, and World level. LCpl Thomas’ success at Army level qualified her for British Drug-Free Powerlifting Association (BDFPA) championships. She achieved first place in her weight category, subsequently qualifying for the
Sig Sagar Kunwar with his silver and bronze medals
World Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation (WDFPF) Champs held in Surrey, England, in Nov 22; where she achieved the title of the WDFPF junior. In the UK Open Taekwondo Championship, Sig Sagar Kunwar secured a prestigious silver medal in the fight category of 58 Kg. In addition, he achieved a bronze medal, demonstrating an outstanding pattern in the category of Level 2 Dan. Finally, Cpl Prakash Gurung embarked on the globes most southern Marathon, the Antarctic Ice Marathon, which takes place at a latitude of 80 degrees south, another fantastic achievement.
My predecessor, SSgt Liam Potter, recognized Mary’s (boss and cleaner) contribution in the previous MBS article, and I concur with his gratitude. Unfortunately, she retired in December, and the gym staff are still feeling her loss which is evident with the amount of unwashed cutlery left in the staff room.
In summary, 22SR is a highly professional and fit team, and I am fortunate to be a part of it. Their exceptional sporting facilities and structured Physical Training Plan have contributed to their success in various competitions.
Gym 2 Renovation

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