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  The Defence Medical Services – Whittington, (DMS (W)), Physical Development Centre (PDC) comprises of 6 staff. At the helm of the ship is WO2 (QMSI) Tuhey; supported by SSgt (SSI) Jallow (Trg Co-Ord), Sgt Hunter (RAF PTI), LPT E. Yates (RN PTI), Cpl Callaghan (AAPTI) and Cpl Harrison (AAPTI). The department would like to take this opportunity to say farewell to WO2 Tuhey and Cpl Harrison, who will be moving on commission in May 2023 and leaving the service to pastures new in Jun 2023, respectively. We look forward to welcoming WO2 (QMSI) C Morton, who will replace the QMSI.
The Medical Academy implemented changes to the Foundation Medic (FM) courses programme. Therefore, given the limited resources (staff) at the PDC, it has been a demanding year; however, an outstanding achievement considering the size of the Unit. The department has continued to provide daily lessons for the Phase 2/3 students. In addition, conduct fitness trg and Tri- Service testing; RAFFT, RNFT, SCR and RFT(S) for the permanent staff. The PDC also hosted the BAWF Midlands competition and a jiu jitsu trg camp. The staff also supported other regional sporting events. As this article is being penned, the team is planning to facilitate and support the forthcoming Battle for Centre (BFC) competition, aka Festival of Sport.
At DMS – Whittington, our ultimate objective is to deliver an evidence-based physical trg programme to the phase 2/3 courses in a tri–service setting that caters for all services and abilities within the unit. In the past year, the PDC has undergone a drastic uplift in terms of equipment and
SSgt (SSI) E Jallow RAPTC
PDC training facility
aesthetic layout, which has amplified the training facilities, bringing it on par with the rest of the fitness industry. Furthermore, the enhanced equipment supports the PT staff in the delivery of lessons in accordance with the Army Physical Training System (APTS) Framework. Thus, training students to the standard expected to pass their required output fitness tests and keep the permanent staff fit for their vocational roles.
The PDC focuses on providing high-quality, people-centred training and activities integrated with personal development coaching. We strive to promote activities that would help improve the physical and psychological condition of service personnel. We attain this via regularly organising Sports, Adventurous Training, and other regional activities to help individuals improve resilience, develop
SSgt (SSI) Jallow representing the Army Masters Football Team
confidence, and improve motivation to enhance their health and wellbeing.
Despite the busy working tempo, the gym staff have still managed to participate in representative sports for DMS - Whittington and their respective Corps/ Services: WO2 (QMSI) Tuhey in jiu jitsu, SSgt (SSI) Jallow in football and volleyball; LPT Yates in BAWF/CrossFit (Navy). Also, the staff facilitated and supported AT for the unit.
In summary, the staff have demonstrated foresight, adaptability, and initiative; the development of the PD programme must not be underestimated, meaning their actions and forward-thinking have positively impacted all 3 Services who now receive an increased physically fit, healthy, and mentally robust Medics due to the changes initiated at DMS - Whittington.
   Only arriving at Donning Support Unit (DSU) 8 months ago, the change in workload and tempo
was dramatic from that of 16X from where I had previously been assigned. DSU’s primary role is directly supporting HQ West Midlands (WMHQ), located across the road at Venning Barracks. It was clear from the start that DSU had so much potential with its location and sporting facilities, and it would be a great place to promote the RAPTC and Sport across the AO and the wider Army.
Having quickly settled into my role, I got to work on building stability within the
Sgt (SI) S Ward RAPTC
Physical Development Department. I was able to get support from 174 Provost Company with the permanent placement of Cpl Swan as the Gym 2IC. Cpl Swan has recently passed RAPTC selection and will start the RAPTC Instructors course in July 2023. Cpl Swan allowed for flexibility in the gym as well as a more dynamic and robust Physical Training Programme (PTP) to be produced and coordinated.
Securing a gym 2IC permitted the gym to focus on the wider support it offers to the AO and WMHQ through the delivery of external courses. This would clearly be a quick win and lay out my intent for
the future. Utilising the camp resources, the Physical Development Department held both Obstacle Course Supervisor (OCS) as well as the Physical Training Leader (PTL) Course. Both courses were well received and produced 20 qualified Service Personnel (SP) within the Midlands AO.
The biggest challenge when I first took over was the Gym Hall itself; it was old and tired and needed some TLC. However, having funding approved for DSU would prove difficult as the camp has supposedly been closing every year for the past decade, and its future is still

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