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   to the uniqueness of the requirements for RCDM’s access to training facilities, the original contract could not be retendered due to resource constraints and the only tendering provider being non-compliant, and the process was ended without success. Further to this, due to the security risks to our SP, we are unable to run frequent outdoor sessions in public places. A business case for a Rub shelter was submitted to UKStratCom, but due to the required capital project investment, it was deemed unaffordable, and the process was halted. However, through the persistence and determination of the RCDM CoC, a comprehensive business case was submitted and approved by HQ Defence Medical Services (DMS). This will see the conversion of the former JPA suite into a CV suite and the renovation of the existing Fitness Room into an S&C suite, making it more suitable for Army Physical Training System (APTS) delivery and other activities, including Yoga.
RAPTC Inter Corps Athletics Aldershot
Whilst attendance at sporting events across Defence continues to be a challenge, RCDM is making every effort to buck this trend despite no regular Unit sports afternoons being afforded to SP. The Unit has had several successes, including winning the Army Minor Inter-Unit & AMS inter-Unit basketball championships, Midlands Festival of Sport (minor Unit) and Midlands Athletics Championships (minor Unit). There are also many individuals representing Corps & Single Services in various sports, including Cpl Darwin, who recently won 1st place in category on the Army Indoor Rowing League. The Unit continues to look for opportunities to increase participation in sporting events, further promoting teamwork, fitness, and leadership.
I have been fortunate enough to represent the RAPTC in Inter-Corps Athletics and compete for RCDM in both the Midlands Athletics Championships and British
Army Warrior Fitness (BAWF) events. The three-day Army Medical Services Festival of Sport was a highlight of the year in which I was lucky enough to officiate and compete in.
In summary, RCDM is a highly complex Unit with an extremely demanding job role that doesn’t lend itself to fully experience PD opportunities. However, when the opportunity arises, the Unit successfully showcases its talent and thrives at the opportunity, with the Unit often placing highly. RCDM requires an RAPTCI to be adaptable, dynamic and use daily problem-solving skills. An assignment to RCDM provides RAPTCIs with the opportunity to use their initiative and enhance communication skills on a larger scale in a Unit that is geographically challenging.
  AMS Festival of Sport
RCDM Festival for All (Families Day)

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