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                                 It’s been almost a year now here with what I can only describe as an awesome team. A fast-paced organisation with a
customer that wants everything their way. Luckily, that’s not how we roll! If you are lucky enough to get this job you’ll love it, there’s constant churn but as a ‘back to running a gym’ job, it really doesn’t get much better.
The diversity of recruits is vast, as it is for staff, the facilities are fantastic but there’s always room for improvement, with the development of ‘Soldier Academy North’ in the planning there is huge scope to see this in the years to come.
Funding here for the likes of Sport and AT through the huge PRI funds is fantastic; if an individual has an idea and the drive to see it through, the funding is there for it to happen. Sport is increasingly on the up, with sports officers now being held more to account and providing the essential support to make it happen.
For me, it’s where it all started on Divisional selection back in 1998, and its where it will all finish this year too. It’s been a real blast; I have met some fantastic people and created memorable moments with some quite unbelievably funny stories along the way. My staff will speak about their various roles but it’s a job I’d highly recommend, but for me the next chapter awaits. Adios, I’ll be kicking about somewhere on the Harley, up a tree or building fences as you read this.
WO1 (SMI) D S C McGregor RAPTC
To say I am surprised to be writing another update as an RAPTCI within the Infantry Training Centre is an understatement, but I am certainly not complaining. The ITC is a first-class training establishment with complexities like no other place within the British Army. To finish my military career
Capt (MAA) Hames - RMAS 1999 where it all began
ITC Catterick 2023 end of the line, cheers!
Capt (MAA) C Hames RAPTC
    WO1 (SMI) McGregor and team at the Cyprus International 4-day Challenge
ITC Boxing aftermath
here as the SMI is an honour and I feel privileged to have had this opportunity.
For anyone who wants to be challenged by everyone about everything daily, then this is the place for you. I cannot recommend it enough for personal development. My learning curve firmly points north and is travelling at an alarming rate of knots, so much so I have just had to buy a new hat stand to accommodate the number of changes required every single day here as the SMI. If you want to really test yourself then get to ITC and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed as I just can’t get enough of the place, its infectious.
For me this is where my time will close, back in the training space where it all

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