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  As directed by the Chief of the General Staff (CGS), the Land Warfare Centre (LWC) was instructed to establish and cohere under one roof, mounted and dismounted close combat training and create a new school focused on combined arms manoeuvre (CAM). The purpose, which was reinforced by the invasion of Ukraine in Feb 22, is to close the CAM proficiency gap. This has been achieved by cohering all CAM training under a single 1* command to prepare our people to win first and win fast through CAM. Concurrently, Combat Manoeuvre Centre (CMC) would be at the vanguard of training design, development and delivery for the Ranger Battalions who are optimised to operate below the threshold of war alongside, and through, specialised partners to deliver operational level insights and effects. CMC delivers collective and mission specific training comprising 8-months of fundamentals; special-to-role training; operational partnering; a collective training validation exercise; and mission specific / pre- deployment training. To my surprise, CMC is not just about tanks!
Since forming on 1 Jul 22, CMC has been focussed on more than delivering initial and subsequent trade training. At the forefront of training Ukrainian soldiers to operate armoured vehicles including the Challenger 2 main battle tank, CMC have hosted two major training events over the last 8 months. This culminated with a visit from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on the 8 Mar 23. The President observed Ukrainian soldiers conducting training, presented medals to soldiers, and delivered a joint press conference.
From a gymnasium perspective, the team continue to facilitate and deliver gold standard physical training with almost 1,000 lessons delivered and over 10,500 recorded cases of individual signing of soldiers utilising gym facilities over a 6-month period. Hugely impressive, and the climax of two years hard work transforming a tired gymnasium into a fully equipped strength and conditioning (S&C) centre, whilst also developing
Sgt (SI) G Morgan RAPTC
 two dilapidated buildings into brand new facilities. A hugely impressive feat. In support, the team works tirelessly to support, encourage, and participate in sporting activities. Notably, LCoH Annetts has competed in several different sporting events, ranging from marathons, cross country and aquathon. In Dec 22, LCoH Annetts represented CMC in the Bovington Trail Marathon and after battling 120 other runners in tough winter conditions including hills and mud, he succeeded in securing first place whilst also winning the UK South Cross County League Minor Unit Championships.
We also recently said farewell to Cpl Bray, who starts her RAPTC Instructor’s course after successfully negotiating RAPTC Selection. Cpl Bray is the second transferee to the Corps in the last 12-months, which is a huge accolade considering the staff comprises of only 5 military instructors. As Sgt Maling also recently departed to the
Prime Minister Sunak & President Zelenskyy
Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, we’d like to wish them both well.
An amazing start to the year with an equally impressive staff, CMC is fortunate to have a hugely professional whole force team of military, civil servants and contractors working in harmony to deliver outstanding training. I will not lie; it’s been fast-paced but great fun. Bovington and Dorset is an amazing place to live and work, especially in the summer, so if you’re ever visiting the area, feel free to drop into the gymnasium for a brew – you’re always welcome. Just remember your PT kit!
LCoH Annetts competing in the Bovington Trail Marathon
Soldiers training on the Challenger 2
     ITTs competing in a gun run for CO’s PT
Challenger 2 live firing
Coyote Troop winning the RACTR CO’s shield

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