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  Blandford is the home of the Royal Signals with a plethora of units on site, accommodating circa 2500
Soldiers, Officers and Civil Servants spread across HQ Defence School of Communication and Information Systems (DSCIS), Blandford Garrison Support Unit (BGSU), 11th (Royal School of Signals) Signal Regiment (11 SR) and several other units. The complexities at Blandford are challenging with a twin Top-Level Budget (TLB), making Physical Development (PD) governance and assurance interesting.
The RAPTC cohort consists of Capt (MAA) S Cowley RAPTC (BGSU), WO2 (QMSI) C Jackson RAPTC, SSgt (SSI) J Peters RAPTC, Sgt (SI) J Salmons RAPTC (11 SR), SSgt (SSI) J Bedford RAPTC, Sgt (SI) C McCabe RAPTC (PCRF). The team has been extremely active continuing to reinvigorate sporting activity, facilitating community engagement, delivering HQSW Regional events and representing the RAPTC in Football and Squash.
Sport in 11 SR maintains a high priority to all Service Personnel (SP). Each Wednesday the Regiment conducts a ‘Sports for All’ parade where all trainees and permanent staff undertake instructor- led sporting sessions. The Regiment holds a Biannual Sport Fair to enable sport OICs from across all seasonal disciplines to canvas and promote their sport across the unit.
In addition to his primary role at 11 SR, SSgt (SSI) Peters RAPTC has delivered staff leadership days and sporting events to the local National Health Service (NHS) agencies building leadership and team spirit within their department. These events have been a calendar highlight for both the NHS and Blandford P&RTC staff.
P&RTC Staff – Gordons Cup
Sgt (SI) C McCabe – Army Masters Football Pitch side First Aider
The Regiment has seen participation in British Army Warrior Fitness (BAWF) increase and 11 SR male and female teams regularly attend events held in the South Region. The team composition is made up of permanent staff and trainees who attend collective training weekly. Overall, the team has competed strongly, enjoying podium success at multiple events and are strong contenders to compete in the Army finals. Sgt (SI) J Salmons RAPTC currently acts as the Regional Secretary for the South and co-ordinates events to promote fitness within the Army.
Sgt (SI) C McCabe – RAPTC Football OSV visiting Niagara Falls
UK South BAWF Event 3 - Male & Female Teams
Capt (MAA) S Cowley RAPTC, WO2 (QMSI) C Jackson RAPTC, SSgt (SSI) J Peters RAPTC & Sgt (SI) J Salmons RAPTC
     Boxing Finals

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