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                                 As I reflect and look back at the last 12-months in the P&RTC and nearing the end of my tour, one certainty stands out and that is the training pipeline at 8 Training Battalion REME will keep turning. The Battalion fluctuates at around 1150 trainees and 170 permanent staff, with both set to increase due to the imminent arrival of RAF Number 4 School. The P&RTC’s main effort is to deliver the Army Physical Training System (APTS) twice a week to each trainee. Their trade courses vary in length between 8 – 52 weeks, but each has the same end-state of passing the Role Fitness Test (Soldier) (RFT(S)) before being released to the Field Army. Also included is a weekly sport afternoon which sees on average 30 sports offered to the staff and trainees. With a gym staff of 6 SIOs and 5 AAPTIs, it can at times feel a tad stretched.
Facilities at 8 Trg Bn REME are excellent as we are based at MoD Lyneham, a Garrison sized site just off the M4. These include a double sized gym hall, S&C gym, CV suite, squash courts, all weather Multi- Use Games Area (MUGA), Corps standard football pitch, tennis courts and a trim trail. As well as various other minor units on site, 5 Bn REME are also based here. To afford approximately 3000 personnel the chance to train or play sport, the facilities have to be carefully managed. Recognition must go to SSgt Bambury who, through several business cases, secured significant funding to fully equip a specific level 1 & 2 Rehabilitation Centre. This allows Service Personnel (SP) from across the Garrison to conduct their rehab programmes in a space that fully supports their care pathway. However, inevitably,
there are occasional clashes in the winter months for the floodlit MUGA between the Bn Football, Rugby, and
8 Training Battalion REME Gym staff photo. (RAPTCIs Front row
(L-R) SSgt (SSI) Bambury, WO2 (QMSI) Stoby
and Sgt (SI) Howes)
   Hockey teams. Fortunately, the Garrison Support Unit are in the advanced stages of finalising work that will see an additional 2 floodlit pitches; completion is expected toward the end of 2023.
Over the last 12 months the P&RTC has delivered various CO’s Cup events, hosted a Commandant’s Cup, a Unit Health Fair and Garrison Sports Fair. In addition, the Army Powerlifting Union held their annual individual championships within the gym, which saw some of the best powerlifters in the Army compete in the squat, bench and deadlift.
During the last year all the RAPTCIs have attended sports OSVs and continued to support Army and Corps sport on a very regular basis. Sgt (SI) Howes competed in Ex NORDIC BLUEBELL, leading the Bn
team to 2nd place and Capt (MAA) Allen was DS on the delivery of the Army Biathlon Championships on Ex RUCKSACK. The Bn have also taken trainees and permanent staff on an OSV, with both the Football and Golf Teams touring to Cyprus to play both local teams and established military teams across the island.
The turnover is not limited to trainees, this coming year will see the change of Capt (MAA) Allen, QMSI and the SI, leaving SSgt (SSI) Jay Bambury and the SIOs as the continuity, tasked with ensuring all the hard yards gained are not lost while new personalities find their feet in this busy Battalion. With the MAA assigned to the Harz mountains, myself to an E2 role in the ARITC Staff Leadership School (ASLS) and Sgt (SI) Howes to civilian employment (although will continue to be
an RAPTCI as a reservist in 6 SCOTS), we all leave knowing the Bn is in a better place and those selected to replace us have a solid foundation to continue flying the flag of the RAPTC.
8 Training Battalion REME Sports Fair

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