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                                 to the World Cup, Humberside Police leadership training and a comprehensive Staff CPD package including UKSCA training and community engagements with the local Youth organisations. In addition, this year has seen me assume a Sqn 2IC position, a great insight and further evidence of how highly thought of RAPTCIs are at Unit level by the CoC. A highlight for me this year was during my tenure as PMC of the Mess, I hosted an educational dinner night with attendance from each of the 3 Messes, with an after- dinner speech delivered by Lt Col (Retd) Sulle Alhaji. An evening that showcased a true insight into the realities of war, both home and abroad. My proudest achievement this year has been the performance of the entire PD team, achieving strong performance grades
PD Team – RM Birthday
DST PD Infra 2023
The battle rhythm at the DST continues at a ferocious pace in support of enhancing the driver training capability of the 3 Services. The focus last year was to ensure the current PD policies and practices in place were compliant with the safe systems of training and were being fully maximised. This year, we have switched fire to developing the PD infrastructure with a view to enhancing our PD capability, delivery and impact for the betterment of all who serve and transit through DST.
In Jun 22, the DST PD team, led by Cpl Townsend, completed the Goggin’s Challenge, which consisted of running 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours in support of SSAFA. Spending 2 days on camp cots in the gym with KES on repeat was extremely challenging, but also rewarding, promoting team ethos and raising a large sum of money for the charity. In Jul 22, myself and 12 other RAPTCIs were selected to assist at the 150th Open Championships held at the iconic Old Course at St Andrews, Scotland. An amazing opportunity to watch athletes at the peak of their game in pursuit of the Claret Jug. Although RAPTC Golf has come a long way, I wouldn’t back us for a fiver against these players!
Oct 22 saw the flagship RLC event, Ex NORTHERN STRIKE arrive at DST. With representation from all RLC Units, both Regular and Reserve, a challenging event with the PD team delivering 4 out of the 5 serials, commented on by DLW as the best iteration he has seen in 30 years, a complete team / site effort throughout.
The opportunities that DST provides the PD team is phenomenal, ranging from hosting the Fiji Rugby League team prior
  across the rank structures, civil servants receiving bonuses, team commendations and the team often being referred to as the highest performing team in DST – a true team effort and a team I am immensely proud of. For anyone seeking this appointment in the future, you will not be disappointed.
  DST PD Team – Goggin’s Challenge
150th British Open Championships

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