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  Well, I didn’t think I would be writing another article from Defence Intelligence Training Group (DITG), but here I am! Another 12-months at the home of Defence Intelligence has resulted in another 3000 trainees through the doors and delivering intelligence capability across Defence. The establishments physical development outputs continue to be managed by three RAPTCIs: SSgt (SSI) Ferreira RAPTC who successfully promoted this year; we have a replacement Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor (ERI), Sgt (SI) Gander RAPTC straight from the ERI course in Stanford Hall; and myself. We are also assisted by our Tri-Service Gym Staff.
This year has seen us make a change to the Op SAMSON training pipeline, which is the special duties arduous
course that leads to serving
with the Defence Human Intelligence Unit. The course is led by Cpl Mike Palmer our incumbent Royal Marine PTI. We have amended the selection criteria to ensure it aligns with the Physical Employment Standards to Ground Close Combat standard. Additionally, we have added several serials that train and test the candidates on Close Quarter Combat (CQC). This ensures those deploying on operations are fully conversant with the CQC protocols.
As a gym staff we have been working on developing the lived experience for the trainees and staff over the past year, for those that have been to Chicksands it is quite isolated and requires transportation to local areas. We added a disc frisbee course to the PD facilities, improving the welfare for those on site. Cpl Bonifas (RAF) had a £20k business case accepted by the Nuffield Trust to build this course which is available for use during PT lessons and by the families on Chicksands: I’m sure it will bring out the competitive side of the gym staff!
WO2 (QMSI) C Armstrong RAPTC
  The DITG 12-Hole Disc Frisbee Course
Another addition to the lived experience is the refurbishment of the DITG sauna: Our very own ex APTCI WO2 (QMSI) Tony Watt took it upon himself to project manage this, he went cap in hand around those who hold the purse strings and has now confirmed the funding and the refurb which will take place in March 23. Not only is this to the benefit of the lived experience but the use of a sauna demonstrates a decrease in recovery time, prevention of injury and development of mental health through relaxation.
The Gym staff at DITG Chicksands
It has been a fantastic year for sports representation within the DITG gym staff with all three of our RAF PTIs representing their service. Firstly, Cpl Cload was selected for the
Inter-Services Rugby Tournament in the scrum half position, only time will tell if he is selected in the starting 15. Cpl Bonifas dominated the RAF Athletics Championships winning five golds, which in turn selected him for the Inter-Services
where he dominated with four
golds! Well done, Ryan! Finally, Cpl Benson was selected for the RAF to represent the Cross-Country team in the Inter-Services where she managed to achieve a 3rd place finish for her age category.
After 41⁄2 years here at Chicksands, I hand over to WO2 (QMSI) MacLaughlan in April 23 when he returns from Gibraltar. The future looks bright for the DITG Gym as we continue to be supported by UK STRATCOM and deliver intelligence capability across Defence.
   An Op SAMSON candidate undergoing a CQC Serial
Cpl Bonifas wins gold in the 110m Hurdles
Cpl Cload plays at scrum half for the RAF

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