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 Maj (MAA) G Logan and Sgt (SI) K Castle attending the RAPTC Orienteering Championships
The Course Design Cell (CDC) has recently moved from its previous location within HQ Joint Services Mountain Training Centre (Indefatigable) to HQ AATG (Trenchard Lines, Upavon). CDC forms part of a wider Adventurous Training (AT) network within a busy HQ. Some of its key objectives are to further develop Army AT disciplines by means of design, maintenance and quality improvement in line with JSP 822 Vol 2 Ch 4.
The office comprises of three key roles: SO3 Learning Development Advisor (LDA), SO3 CDC and a CDC Analyst. The former analyst was Sgt (SI) L Griffiths RAPTC, whose hard work played a fundamental role in shaping CDC to what it is today.
I assumed the role in early Aug 22, with an inquisitive, slightly apprehensive perception. Taking note of the facial
Sgt (SI) K Castle RAPTC
expression change of my peer group whenever I mentioned CDC was not particularly reassuring. Still, the decision was made, I was eager to enhance my technological deficit and embrace change. My learning curve was somewhat steep as I soon found myself in a sea of acronyms, Defence Learning Environment (DLE) role functionalities, JSPs and former Defence System Approach to Training (DSAT). The turning point for me came soon after learning about a design online course on the DLE. My rationale was that if I was able to design a course from nothing in support of DSAT, all that was left to do was incorporate the rest of the team’s input, experience and skill to better the product. My confidence soon grew after I was challenged to create a new course utilising software previously unused – H5P.
Not all of it is Tetris and Ferrari fingers, during my short time at Upavon, I have had
many opportunities to enjoy sport, provide AT support and take full advantage of any social activities within the local area. The RAPTC Orienteering Championships, Army Clay Pigeon Shooting competitions and a Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) update to JSASTC to name a few. The WOs’ and Sgts’ Mess has slowly started to come back to full functionality after COVID. Having the time during the working day to go to the gym and chill out in the sauna is also a bonus.
I thoroughly enjoy my posting and highly recommend any ATI to consider this unique opportunity, you don’t need to be a coding ninja to do the role. All training is provided in manageable easy to understand courses, either from the DLE or Defence Academy (Shrivenham). The chain of command is highly supportive of personal and professional development and actively encourage it!

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