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Over the past year at Indy Wing - students and instructors have been developing their skills in a wide
range of disciplines, enduring all weather conditions, both at home and overseas. Although it has undoubtedly been busy, it has been an extremely rewarding time for the Wing; with staff deployed to the Alps throughout the year, scaling high peaks and navigating through demanding glacial rivers. This has been the first year post COVID that we have been able to resume the usual overseas concentration schedule (e.g. Canada, Spain & Norway), with Instructors usually spending a fortnight in each location before relocating back to JSMTW(I) to continue with core delivery.
My experiences with JSMTW(I) have proven to be a rollercoaster journey. My highs have included climbing iconic mountain routes in North Wales including Main Wall, Cyrn Las and Fool’s Gold to name a few, which has allowed me to develop my rock-climbing competence and confidence. My lows however, have included sustaining a fractured collarbone mountain biking. The road to recovery following an operation proved to be a real challenge leaving me with limited time to complete the ATI Resilience Margin (ReM). Once I had recovered, I was looking forward to developing my delivery skills as an ATI at a Type 4 AT centre...only to fracture my ankle Winter Mountaineering in the Scottish Highlands. This second injury proved to be a test of resilience and another ‘mountain’ for me to overcome. Sustaining injury whilst pursuing anything, let alone a dream job, has been difficult.
Sgt (SI) D Elms RAPTC
 Sgt’s (SI’s) C Hume, L Griffith, SSgt (SSI) R Duncan and WSM S Mayled Staff Training at DYFI bike park
Although this has not been the start I would have hoped for, it has provided me a different opportunity to broaden my skillset. Working alongside my fellow RAPTCIs has ensured I have received the appropriate banter throughout my rehab journey - positive mindset in the face of adversity will always prevail! Due to this setback, I ended up spending more time in the office and was tasked with increasing our social media presence on the Army Adventurous Training pages. Actively promoting the good work and opportunities AT can provide has led to the growth of a successful social media account (@Army Adventurous Training - give us a follow!).
Although I have been unfortunate with consecutive injuries, AT continues to offer a unique opportunity to grow in a challenging environment; by understanding how we respond to stress, (whether physical, mental or emotional) we can learn to adapt effective coping strategies, to better approach and overcome adversity in the future.
Sgt (SI) D Elms on ‘Fool’s Gold’ (E1 5c)
   Sgt (SI) S Campbell Summiting Gwachtenhorn 3420m
POPT B Lotts canoeing the great Llyn Padarn

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