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                                 Students on an SL3 course ‘booting’ back down the summit ridge to the ski depot
SSgt (SSI) S G Davison-Webb RAPTC ascending the final pinnacle of the Salbitschen
SSgt (SSI) S G Davison-Webb RAPTC enjoying sublime powder
team went to successfully complete the Bernese Oberland traverse in Switzerland.
Overall, the challenges of the winter delivery have made the successes all the more enjoyable. The team at Bavaria wing have worked hard through the winter, providing training that is truly second to none. I’ve worked towards a posting here for 7 years for that reason and I feel privileged to be a part of such a team.
I look forward to seeing you all, either at RAPTC events or out on the hill. As usual, woolly hat and sunglasses optional.
the training team were up to speed with course delivery and blowing off the skiing cobwebs for the UK-based personnel. The theme of challenging conditions continued through Jan & Feb, with the training office at JSMTC HQ taking the difficult decision to cancel many of the ski touring courses for the first 2 serials due to lack of snowfall. It would seem that climate change is beginning to have a big effect on the German winter. However, the snow finally decided to arrive, allowing for the successful delivery of ski courses ranging from SF1 all through to SL3, the top-end non-glaciated ski touring qualification. These courses were run across the Drei Mühlen and Haus Magnus lodges in Wertach and from the main JSMTC wing in Oberstdorf, Haus Hubertus. All foundation ski courses are run over an 8-day period, and all leader ski courses are run over a 10-day period. The courses usually start in resort to learn the basics of skiing, but all are aimed are transitioning into a ski touring environment. A fantastic opportunity for any who wish to challenge themselves in the mountainous winter environment.
At the end of the winter season, the coveted ALPSKITOUR took place. An ‘ALPSKI’ is a 2-week intense period of training focused on providing logbook experience and further instruction to individuals prior to attending future ski courses. These run several times during the winter from Bavaria Wing. The ALPSKITOUR however, is held in the final serial of Bavaria wing’s winter delivery and turns your typical ALPSKI up a notch. This year, the ALPSKITOUR was run in two parts, a training week in the Bavarian mountains followed by a 5-day hut-to-hut tour in Austria’s Silveretta region. The ALPSKITOUR was hugely successful, with fantastic snow and weather conditions providing a welcome change to the challenging winter up to that point, and some high-quality experience and challenges provided to the students that attended. Running alongside the ALPSKITOUR is the Ski Mountaineering Concentration (SMC). The SMC runs the top end ski courses, Ski Mountaineering Training (SMT ) and Ski Mountaineering Instructor (SMI), it is the only time of year these courses can be run. Organised this year by SSgt (SSI) R Penver RAPTC, the
       At the summit of Gemsspitze on the ALPSKITOUR
Sgt (SI) L Russo RAPTC skinning up high on the ALPSKITOUR

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