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  Type 4 AT Delivery
Now 12-months in from moving into our brand-new build, I can now report that we are conducting business as usual. With 3 weeks left, I’m well bedded-in to this post as the OC of Halton Wing, which equips me to write some great news stories. We have grown together as a Team of Teams and have evolved organically, which I’m forever grateful for. As well as running Type 4 AT, we also take care of the Type 1 AT for recruits bringing plenty of customers week in – week out, and it’s great; bodies running everywhere conducting AT.
During our bedding in period, the Halton Team ran some great concentrations in the UK and overseas. 2022 started with an amazing 10-day Caving concentration in Spain (SpanCave) where cave exploration was taken to a new level. The treasures witnessed beneath our feet were nothing short of spectacular with large caves, some gigantic, others with very narrow cave entrances, innumerable galleries, chasms, formations, underground lakes and rivers...simply breath taking. Fast forward a few months and once again, the Team ran a caving concentration in the Yorkshire Dales which was remarkable..... but colder!
If this wasn’t enough, the Team organised and ran a 10-day climbing concentration in Southern Spain in November 22 (SpanRock). World class climbing in 25-degree heat was a great learning environment for Service Personnel (SP) to gain qualifications and logbook experience. As I type, planning is well underway for SpanCave and SpanRock 23.....the awesomeness continues.
Capt Maz Maslin – Sea cliff climb in Spain
Capt (MAA) G Maslin RAPTC & Sgt (SI) J Bullard RAPTC
 Sgt (SI) Bullard circumnavigating the Isle of Anglesey

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