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   Major cave rescue in full swing
On a personal level, I have had a great time as OC Ripon/Halton Wing. It came with challenges such as a major cave incident involving the whole wing, cave rescue, fire & rescue and paramedics. Excitement such as moving into a brand new multi- million-pound building of which I spent many agonising hours being part of the planning/construction. Frustrations like starting this job the same week as the first lockdown and finally, friendships I’ve made and I’ll be forever thankful for this opportunity. Special thanks to WO1 (RSM) Luke Kemp, Wing Sergeant Major (WSM) for 2 years during my time and WO2 (QMSI) Liam Mills, current WSM, for keeping me on mean feat!
If you’re a mainstreamer wanting a little taste of the AT delights, please consider the Officer Commanding Joint Service Mountain Training Wing (Halton). It really is the best of both worlds!
Type 1 AT Delivery
Over the past 12 months at JSMTW (H) Type 1 delivery, the team have seen an influx of Infantry Training Centre (ITC) recruits due to the current recruitment drive. The increased demand, with some weeks welcoming approx. 120 recruits, has called for the team to adapt and grow to effectively deliver weekly Adventurous Training (AT) packages to the next generation of soldiers. Over this period the team has welcomed SSgt (SSI) Penver into the role of ‘Type 1 Training Coord’ working in partnership with ‘Entrust’ our provider of highly skilled outdoor instructors. Despite this increase of delivery, the team have worked to maintain and improve facilities for the recruits to ensure their first experience of AT is one to remember. Future plans include a new indoor climbing facility and welfare room uplift during the coming year.
“Declaration of Arms” - WO2 Danny
Meehan (Left) - Captain Maz Maslin (Centre) - WO2 Chanel Mason (Right)
With an already busy calendar, the team have managed their time effectively and have been able to enjoy some professional development, which saw Sgt (SI) Bullard circumnavigate the Isle of Anglesey in a sea kayak in 18 hours and SSgt (SSI) Penver continue to support Type 4 distributed training over the winter serials.
  Type 1 AT with ITC Recruits

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