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  The Army AT Wing Brecon has gone through a full transformation in the past 12 months since last writing for the journal. As planned and promised, the Wing has completed its move from Castlemartin in West Wales to its new home in the heart of Brecon from 4 April 2022. The last year has seen the Wing grow from strength-to-strength and from uncertain beginnings, now sits at the centre of output and activity in 160th (Welsh) Brigade HQ.
Due to the move to Brecon, unfortunately we had several changes to the staff, mainly in the G4 area. To our benefit though we have recruited a wonderful new team to ably step in and CSgt Stu Gibson and Mr Nick Lyons now have the stores in the best possible shape going forward. Our office manager, Mark Baker decided the move was far too good to miss and sold up house and followed us over to Brecon – true loyalty to the cause! We retained a couple of our Fee Earning contractual staff, but whilst being in Brecon we now
Caving Foundation students and Juliet entering a cave
Capt (MAA) C McMullen RAPTC
have a solid team of 14 on call to assist in foundation delivery.
The Temporary Employed Elsewhere (TEE) scheme still sits as the ‘jewel in the crown’ of our wing and having the opportunity to watch young soldiers develop into instructors is one of the job’s greatest highlights. They astonish everyday with their ability to train and enthuse all levels and ranks of the Army with our Multi-Activity Course of five days with differing activities. With the advent of the Adventurous Leadership and Resilience Training (ALeRT) model now in full effect, the young instructors apply this to great depth and fully understand the value of it when using strategies to help soldiers cope with stresses in and around AT.
This wing is in a good place going forward and with the incoming assignment of Capt (MAA) Rachel Mckenzie it can only gain momentum from here. A bright future for a fledgling Wing and an exciting time for the Army AT Centre.
 MAC students belaying at Llangattock escarpment
  Open boaters dwelling on conditions
 Cfn Hill giving direction to the MAC group on the Beacons

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