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   experience. Steady ascents, enjoyable descents and a very long flat journey across Lake Mar lifted the team’s spirits and energy. The routes were tiring but in comparison to the first 48-hours they were a walk in the park .... for most. One of the team members had been nursing blisters caused by ill-fitting boots for several days and on the morning of the 5th day had to be evacuated to the town of Rjukan by skidoo and taxi, where he laid up until we arrived two days later.
Exped Day Five – Kalhovd to Helberghytta (22km). The gift that kept on giving.
Beautiful clear blue skies illuminated the untouched snow that covered the endless mountainous landscape ahead. The crisp
cold temperature guaranteed perfect snow conditions and allowed the team to breeze uphill and glide downwards with ease. Every peak and every corner brought about fresh breath-taking views, all of which made the torturous first 48-hours worthwhile. To top off a day that will be hard to forget, the team were rewarded with a final night in a remote unmanned hut surrounded by the glorious baron wilderness in which they had spent the last 5-days travelling across.
Exped Day Six - Helberghytta to Rjukan (16km). The final sting in the tail.
A short leg in crisp conditions ended with a very steep, very technical descent through a forest that seemed to be never- ending. There were more falls in the final
One of the good days
2km than had been experienced in the previous 135km of the whole route, such was the difficulty of the terrain. A fantastic way to end the Heroes of Telemark route, with a final challenge to test the team’s resolve.
The RAPTC Contingent in Rjukan

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